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    October 21, 2014 by

    As the holidays approach I know what is lingering in the back of everyone’s head. How am I going to stay on track with my nutrition when all I can think about is pumpkin flavored everything, peppermint and delicious treats that await me?!

    I know call me crazy and inhuman buuuuuuut I’m not a pumpkin pie or peppermint fan. They


    October 22, 2014 by



    Freestanding Handstand Practice

    SoulSean SkillSet
    Press to Handstand Practice



    Teams of 2
    BUY IN: 800m Team Slam Ball Run

    10 Rounds
    10 Slam Balls
    10 Strict Pull ups

    CASH OUT: 800m Team Slam Ball Run

    *Rounds split any way. Partners help spot on pull ups. Only one person working at a time


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