The Soul Purpose – Carlos Escanilla

“Dude, Soul has affected me in many ways. From a fitness/nutrition standpoint, CF Soul has helped me stay committed and balanced. This has lead me to attain sustainable habits. Although I had already lost 60 lbs by the time I got to Soul, I still had so much to learn. Thanks to the programming and awesome coaching, I’ve been able to change my body composition, and and gain strength. I feel fitter than ever!!

From a personal/emotional standpoint, many of the people at Soul have greatly impacted my life. Some have done this directly, and others indirectly. One would think that it’s the results that keep me coming back, but really, it’s the people that keep me walking through the door, almost everyday. It’s truly my 2nd home. I am constantly inspired by my peers and coaches. I always want to be better, not only for my wife and children, but for myself as well. Being at Soul pushes me to be my best self everyday. Thank you.”