The Soul Purpose – Barbie Herrero

“All is well with my Soul…

I walk in the door, set the weight of my day and worries down, and I am home.

I joined Soul on January 30th, 2017, yes, I know the exact date. Without a doubt, walking in through those big bay doors was the best decision. I found this place… these humans. My Coaches who are relentless in their commitment to empowering others. They lead by example. I am truly proud to know these people and learn from them! PROUD!

The programming has made me into the athlete I never thought I would be. It has allowed me to heal my body, grow, and accomplish goals and skills I had long ago written off.

My fellow athletes – The Wolfpack… I don’t even know where to begin. To me, the Wolfpack is a group of like-minded persons who pursue a given endeavor. In our case the health and well being of one another. I show up for these people, they show up for me. Their support is immeasurable. They are my FAMILY!

All I want to do is lift heavy shit with dope people. I found my Wolfpack; I found my tribe. I am grateful.