The Soul Purpose – Juan Ortega

Throughout my professional life, it’s been extremely difficult to stay consistent with an exercise regimen due to constant business travel. In late 2014, overstressed, and overweight, I met Danny and joined Soul.  While I made progress in learning some of the rudiments of weightlifting and working on my endurance, the travel schedule was still a challenge as I’m usually on a plane a few times a month.  Consistency was still hard to achieve.
Then the worst thing happened; I tore my ACL and MCL on my right leg outside of the gym and had to have surgery. For an entire year, I couldn’t do anything exercise related other than physical therapy for the repaired knee.  After completing my therapy, my knee was functional but I was broken— plantar fasciitis, a weak core, and muscle imbalances left me unable to do basic things such as running much less even handle a barbell. 
Determined to finally get myself into shape, I rejoined Soul and upon Danny’s recommendation, I started a specific training program with Coach Anthony that included work to fix my imbalance issues, getting back to running without pain, and getting back under a barbell.  I was also provided with custom programming to stay on track while I travel so that lack of consistency could never be an excuse going forward. Coming back and being encouraged by the welcoming members and coaches reminded me why I love the community that Soul has built.  It has motivated me to continue to work hard.
Today I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m stoked to see where I can get to next!