I have never been what you could call an athlete. The only experience that I had to exercising was a few years ago in the traditional GYM format. I recently gave birth to my beautiful daughter and needless to say,  the amount of joy and happiness that she brought to my life equates to how out of shape I was after all this process and sedentary life style.

I was introduced to Crossfit during my pregnancy, but never really made the move to join any box. It was until after my baby was born that I decided to start Crossfit and after looking a few different options, Crossfit Soul was the best I could find. Today I can say my instinct and feeling about Crossfit Soul was correct.

My daughter is nine months and in less than that, Crossfit Soul has helped me to achieve the physical results you see in the picture. Most importantly, through their professionalism and great community I have been able to overcome other roadblocks at a more personal level.

I can say I’m a better person every day and can’t wait for 8pm every day to see what tomorrows workout will be!  Crossfit Soul has changed my life. Make the move today and give them a try, take it from someone that was very hesitant to even try it and now is loving it every step of way.